Since 2008 we have worked with dozens of hospitals in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas to facilitate their IT Asset Disposition programs. We specialize in hospital disposal of old technology, or in what’s often called disposal for a hospital tech refresh.

When hospitals upgrade to newer equipment, that does not mean that the old medical devices are not useful. Reusing these devices in low-income areas can improve the quality of healthcare and enrich lives with affordable medical equipment, so when possible before recycling we attempt to refurbish or make the devices reusable, otherwise, we will recycle. 

But safety should be the top concern with used medical equipment.

We are trusted by hospitals to properly care for their equipment, and perhaps even more important to make sure no personal data is left in the devices.

Even after a hospital’s IT departments does their best to wipe off private patient information from hard drives, or to remove CDs and USBs from devices, it is very likely that we would find some residual private information.

We use sophisticated methods, and advanced technologies to make sure the equipment is truly free of such data before it is recycled or reused. Data destruction is done in accordance with NAID, NIST 800-88, and DoD standards.

All technology received from hospitals and medical facilities by Ecycle101 is also inspected for data left on the exterior of the device. We make sure to remove all company labels, stickers, and other forms of identification, including any asset labels.

We have the tools and expertise to test reuse and refurbish medical equipment. 

Our professional staff can pick up computers, scanners, sonograms, and other medical equipment from your hospital or medical facility.

We will provide a certificate of data deletion when requested.

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