ITAD: Whats the best practice in IT asset disposal?

ITAD: Whats the best practice in IT asset disposal?

ITAD Basics: This article will discuss how IT Asset disposal can be done correctly.

What is it asset disposition?

IT asset disposal is the disposal process of computer equipment and other IT products that are no longer in use or required. This includes anything from an old desktop to a printer.

ITAD: What does disposition mean?

In broad terms, we define disposition as relevant to technology as the act of handling IT Assets that will no longer be used.

The most common hardware to be disposed of are computers, monitors, printers, servers, and televisions.

What does disposition mean in technology? Disposition can be a very complex process that involves many different components. The key to successful disposition is having a well-defined and documented program in place.

IT asset disposition includes any method of disposal, including hard drive shredding, IT recycling, selling, donating. An essential element of this process is the destruction of sensitive data.

When would you need it asset disposal?

When should you dispose of an asset?

IT assets disposition may be necessary in the following cases:

-The hardware is no longer needed, obsolete, or broken and will not be repaired.

-The hardware has reached its end of life and is no longer recommended for use.

-It has been determined that the cost of maintaining or repairing the hardware outweighs its value to the business

-Unused IT devices are occupying space that needs to be freed up

Often people drop off computers for asset dispositions and e-ecycling after a family member dies.

What is the meaning of ITAD?

ITAD is an acronym for IT Asset Disposal.

An ITAD program is designed to:

  1. Protect the company from outdated, unused, or surplus hardware or equipment liability.
  2. To ensure the security of company data when retiring equipment
  3. To ensure compliance with customer data protection laws when handling retired equipment.
  4. Provide a secure method of disposing of IT assets in an environmentally responsible manner and thus protect the environment.
  5. Provide a secure way of disposing of IT assets and data to meet compliance standards.
  6. Ensure security of company networks. (For example, hardware might still connect a device to the network)

What do you recommend when the question comes down to how you get rid of an old computer or other equipment that may be no longer needed ?

We are often asked how to dispose of electronic devices, devices, hardware when you no longer need them.

How do you get rid of old computer equipment that may no longer need? There are several ways in which you can do this, the most common is to sell or donate them.

We recommend contacting an electronic recycling facility near you; electronic recycling is often offered free of charge.

How to find an electronic recycling facility near me?

The easiest way to find an electronic recycling facility near you would be by inputting your location into the search engine and seeing what local businesses show up.

Look for recycling facilities dedicated to electronics recycling. Usually, those facilities are found under IT recycling or asset disposition; if you or your business are looking to recycle a specific type of electronic, you can enter the item’s name on the search engine, for example, server recycling near me or computer disposal services.

At Ecycle101, we have customers drop off hardware for I t recycling at our facility all the time; we also pick up electronics from hospitals and other types of businesses for recycling.

 We always aim to reduce and reuse before recycling. However, if reuse or refurbishing is not possible, we proceed to recycling.

What is an ITAD company?

The acronym ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition. ITAD companies specialize in disposing or recycling computers, laptops, and other electronic devices. Therefore, an ITAD Company is likely to be listed as an electronic recycling facility.

Ecycle101 offers information technology asset disposition not limited to electronic recycling; it is common for an ITAD company to market itself as an electronic recycling company since most people would think to look for it.

What other services are provided by electronic asset recyclers?

It recycling companies offer IT asset disposition (disposal) services for electronic recycling, but they also provide other valuable solutions for the world’s e-waste problem. Electronic recycling is not just about taking hardware apart and recycling the parts. It also includes a variety of solutions that can save energy, preserve natural resources, and reduce business expenses.

The following are some of the services provided by electronic recyclers such as Ecycle101:

-Pick up services: For example, a hospital does a technology update to replace assets such as scanners and other endpoint devices. That hospital can schedule a pick up of e – assets; they can also schedule a recurring pick up of electronics. If you have a little or a mountain of electronic waste, we can help.

Secure e-waste destruction or data destruction is another service, including media destruction. For example CDs, USB drives, and other media destruction can be accomplished using a secure deletion process or physical hard drive and computer shredding.

-Internal redeployment of technology: A company has laptops; instead of utilizing the IT asset disposition services, they decide to get their equipment refreshed to extend the lifecycle of the laptops.

-Drop off services: these are it disposition services described above; however, the customer brings the devices to a recycling facility. At Ecycle101, we accept most household electronics for recycling; check our website for a list of approved items. In addition, our friendly staff will secure assets for data disposition and IT asset recycling.

-Industrial destruction: This type of IT asset disposal is usually for high-value assets that are not suitable for redeployment or recycling. We are equipped to destroy hard drives, servers, and other IT assets and hardware.

How about deleting the data on the assets?

How do I destroy data? The best way to remove personal data is through a secure deletion of data. Secure deletion means that all the memory and storage of the files are overwritten with zeros, so even if someone were to recover the data, the only thing they would be able to find is zeros.

Your local recycling facility might be able to offer this service if they have the proper equipment.

Dozens of hospitals and other businesses trust us to protect the confidential nature of this data. We remove and destroy any sensitive information from it assets. Electronic recyclers often offer secure electronics disposal, including computers, specialty it equipment disposal, secure laptop disposal, hardware disposal, server disposal, other tech disposal, destruction services, and hard drive shredding.

When requested, proof of successful completion of the data erasure is provided through a certificate of data destruction certificate.

Choosing IT asset disposition services (itad services) gives businesses a market advantage and raises employee morale. In addition, you can use your corporate responsibility to market your business.

A business might also want to contact an electronic recycling company to audit the unused assets to see which assets can be redeployed.

How much do it asset disposal services cost?

The cost of IT asset disposal services can vary depending on the company and the organization’s size. Therefore, it is essential to be aware that there are a variety of considerations in determining what your organization’s disposal costs will be.

Some of these considerations are the type of assets, how many assets you want to dispose of, and whether or not they need to be wiped clean before disposal of your IT asset.

You can bring small quantities of approved electronics to Ecycle101 for disposition service free of charge; contact us if you need a pick up at your home, office, or warehouse for it asset disposition services or if you are a business in need of a quote. We serve dozens of hospitals and many other companies and organizations. We take data security seriously and remove sensitive information from the devices; this includes removing labels and data eradication when requested. In addition, we always take steps to secure assets until the data is removed.

Do electronic recyclers offer media recycling?

Disposing of videotapes, old floppy disks, and other media is trickier. Many companies that recycle electronics will not accept these items.

However, if you are looking for a way to dispose of your old CDs and DVDs, it may be worth checking out an electronics recycling company.

Do electronic recyclers recycle batteries?

Electronic recyclers may or may not recycle batteries. Recycling programs for lead-acid and nickel/cadmium, the most common types of car batteries, are pretty rare.

At Ecycle101 we accept batteries such as car batteries for recycling; please label them accordingly or let us know that your package contains batteries.

For more information on adequately recycling your batteries, please visit our website at and click on the recycling link for more information about proper battery disposal.

Do you have a list of items that Ecycle 101 accepts for recycling?

Ecycle 101 recycles all forms of electronics, including:

Computer and peripheral equipment (including servers, laptops, desktops, and tablets), electronic components such as circuit boards from computers or other electronic devices, telecommunications equipment and accessories such as phones, fax machines, data center services hardware, answering machines, and modems.

We accept televisions but not big box style televisions. A complete list of items that we can assist you with can be found here:

Congratulations on taking the time to learn about responsible steps to protect the environment and your client’s data. Safe disposition of assets goes a long way in keeping our planet clear and our information secure.

Whether you need to design a disposition of IT asset program for your business, need destruction of company data on endpoint devices, have a mountain of e-waste, or just a few devices, Ecycle101 can help. Although we understand that company data is sensitive, the security of your business is our business.

Our IT asset disposition program is designed to ensure that your business has a safe way of disposing of assets; protecting you from data leakage and personal data is always a priority.

Contact us today for IT disposition services; we will assist you in the disposition of assets and electronic recycling. We hope to hear from you soon.

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