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Ecycle 101  maximizes the useful life of  electronics through repair and reuse,  and when no utility is left, ensures the electronics are recycled responsibly to recover the materials for manufacturing new products and ending e-waste.

Mission Statement

We love the wild and beautiful places and we share that love with our clients. Together we fight to save those places.  We are committed to empowering Hospitals, businesses, and families in retiring their old electronics in ways that are not only sustainable in nature but will also highlight our client’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

Our service will always be done with superior attention to detail, we will always be transparent in our business practices and we will treat the risk of data breaches with sophisticated practices , making sure any sensitive data in our clients technology is properly destroyed.


 Ecycle101 based in Baltimore, Maryland; is dedicated to helping hospitals, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and residential customers with electronic recycling services.

Individuals, businesses and organizations will at some point replace their old technology. Every new electric device purchased has to eventually go somewhere, often these devices get tossed into an electronics graveyard often in a poor nation not far from its citizenry . Electronics are also often sent to local and foreign facilities lacking the tools or knowledge to safely recycle.

Certain components of electronic products contain materials that are hazardous when not disposed of correctly and can leach lead and other substances into soil and groundwater.

However, old technology products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled in an environmentally sound manner so that they are less harmful to the ecosystem and reduce the need to extract or manufacture virgin materials to fabricate new products. Reusing also provides affordable electronics to people in low-income households or developing nations

 We always aim to reduce and reuse before recycling. Our primary goal is to refurbish, repair and reuse as much as possible for the electronics and computers we collect.  If reuse or refurbishing is not possible we proceed to recycling.

We value the personal data of our clients. Studies have shown that improper “wiping” procedures can leave significant amounts of residual customer, employee, and business data on devices. Internal IT departments will do their best to erase personal data, but any residual data left on the devices could not only be embarrassing, it could also create monetary or liability problems. Leaving such data at risk is also not in line with the standards of due diligence that companies want to offer to their clients or employees.

At ecycle101, we use US Department of Defense (DOD) standards for data destruction, we guarantee information security for both your business information and any employee or customer data stored on your computer drives.

Ecycle101 implements a series of practices and procedures, which make up a rigorous Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS). We are trusted by many businesses who hold sensitive information; such as hospitals and government agencies. We are compliant with all Local, State, Federal EPA, OSHA, and DOT regulations.

Data deletion is performed on all data storage media, CD’s, hard drives, etc. We will provide a Certificate of Data Deletion upon request for any electronics and computer we receive from our customers. Company labels, and other forms of identification are removed, including any asset labels.

                                                                         Ecycle101 Recycling Standards

Ecycle101 practices responsible environmental stewardship we have high standards regarding the reuse, refurbishment or recycling of products collected through our programs and the disposal of waste generated from the recycling process.

Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management System: We actively manage an environmental, health and safety management system in order to evaluate risks in a systematic manner and support continual process improvement.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Perform all recycling activities in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances and holds all applicable licenses, permits, authorizations or approvals from governmental entities.
  • Workforce:We only employ competent personnel that are knowledgeable in the services provided.

 Recycling Process

  • Recycling Hierarchy:  we use available processes and techniques which minimize the waste and environmental impact generated during the recycling process.
  • Reuse and Refurbishment: We screen all equipment and components to determine if it is practical to reuse equipment or components or refurbish equipment or components to be reused for the original intended purpose.
  • Data Security: We processes hard drives and similar data storage devices in a way that renders all data unrecoverable.
  • Recycling: We responsibly manage the recycling process and material in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts for all equipment and components that have reached end-of-life.
  • Export: we do not sell or export outside of developed countries (the OECD) any non-working equipment or components.

Your time and need for space is valuable to us. We aim to provide our customers with convenient and streamlined pickup & drop off services that are fast and simple. 


Why recycling services from Ecycle are important to your business

Hospitals, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and residential customers turn to us for electronic recycling services for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons for why you should consider doing electronic recycling with an experienced service provider like Ecycle101.

  • YOU want to be environmentally responsible

According to the United Nations, the growing volume of electronic waste, including mobile phones, laptops, televisions, refrigerators and electrical toys, poses a major threat to the environment and human health.  In 2016, only about 20 percent of all e-waste globally was recycled

  • YOU want to be socially responsible

The reuse of technology provides affordable electronics to people in low-income households and developing economies that would not be able to afford new electronics otherwise. This is important to bridging the digital divide and it can also provide economic opportunities to developing countries. We have seen how important used electronics can be in providing education to children. More affordable electronics are valuable to start-ups as well. You or your business once invested in the technology you are now replacing by working with us you are maximizing the social and economic value presented by your old equipment making sure our electronics do a world of good. A 6-year-old commercial laptop at a large business may be a great option for reuse through a startup business, or in a school, or even reused in by lower-income populations

  • YOU want to protect your business, your brand, your customers

E-Waste is often regulated, there are many regulations that can make a company liable when getting rid of their old technology, this is especially true if the items are sold internationally. A data breach caused by unprofessional wiping of data can be embarrassing, can make your clients lose confidence in your ability to diligently care for their privacy, and can also be the cause for legal proceedings. Not disposing of electronics properly can be a costly mistake.

  • YOU want to highlight your sustainability and corporate social responsibility

It is true, your electronics ending in the wrong hands can be embarrassing, but being responsible for the disposal of your old technology can be a source of pride to you, your company, do good to employee morale, and will highlight to your clients that you are responsible and sustainable.

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