Recycling Electronics, E-Waste, And Other Waste

Electronic recycling is a process that helps to reuse electronics in order to prevent the release of dangerous chemicals into the environment. In this explainer video, we’ll illustrate about how businesses and hospitals can benefit from electronic recycling through strategies such as reusing or refurbishing old products.

What is e-waste recycling?

Where do I recycle e-waste?

What electronics should be recycled?

Why is electronic waste recycling important? How do you dispose of electronics? ( such as computers, components, and other types of electronic materials or items.)

Ecycle101 works with many businesses in designing a process for disposal of old electronic items. Dozens of hospitals trust us as their electronics recycling partner.

Besides from disposal of e-waste, we also offer industrial hardware / components shredding services. We understand the sensitivity of private information and are equipped to provide professional data eradication using a process compliant with DoD standards. Contact us today by visiting our website

Is your business upgrading its technology do you have electronic devices that are no longer in use? perhaps they are occupying your valuable space?

Can I bring my personal computer for recycling?

Yes, a full list of items that we accept can be located here:

Where is Ecycle101 located?


Att: Processing by mail

6115 Oakleaf Avenue , Baltimore Maryland

Can I mail in my computer if I am not in Maryland?

Yes free of charge you can mail in a small amount of computers, desktops, laptops and other approved items.

Can I send a laptop with the battery by mail?

Here are some instructions for properly labeling packages with batteries:

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